A contagious love for what we do: international volunteering

We love what we do and want our volunteers to love it too. We want them to experience what it’s like to get out of that comfort zone and end up being perfectly comfortable, to arrive somewhere and think “WHAT am I doing here?”…and to leave with the thought “WHY didn’t I stay longer??”

In fact, we believe volunteering is just as much for oneself as it is for others.

We want our volunteers to be able to live a life experience, feel great about what they do, make somebody happy but also feel 100% supported by both ourselves and the local NGO.

We want them to leave with the thought “WHY didn’t I stay longer??

If we didn’t achieve that, we failed…

Volunteer Dan in Bolivia Cochabamba

“Life in Bolivia is fantastic. I´ve been pleasantly surprised with how many other local volunteers I´ve met and how much I´ve gotten to hang out with them during my free time. The city is rich with culture and things to do – tons of concerts, beautiful parks, delicious street food, fairs, amazing people to meet, etc. My volunteer work with young kids has been challenging but rewarding. I´m quite glad I came here.”

Dan Sturm (U.S.A.), Cochabamba, Bolivia
Voluntaria Lorna en Vietnam HCMC

I had a very good experience working in Hanoi , Vietnam, with disabled children. I had the opportunity, in two months, to meet extraordinary people and to get to know the country and the Vietnamese culture.

My job was 4 hours daily from Monday to Friday. During the weekends I had time to travel or rest. Being in touch with children and working with them was magnificent. I learned a lot from them and I was involved in my work. At first it is hard to adapt but everything has its time and within a week I had confidence with children.

Volunteering is a way to get involved in a local project in which you end up receiving as much as you give. It is also a way to travel from a more local point ov view . I was with a local NGO where I could count on the help of the staff at all times. It has been an experience I will not forget“.

Lorna Casamitjana Agustí (Spain), Hanoi, Vietnam
Mission humanitaire Caroline en Équateur Las Tolas

My experience has been really interesting! Every day I learned new things such as the mist netting technique, but I also discovered many plants, insects and animals that were unknown to me! Furthermore, the Spanish language is a real pleasure for the ears! It’s been a great adventure!

Caroline Gérard (Belgium), Las Tolas, Ecuador
Voluntaria Beata en Vietnam HCMC

There are many ways to discover the world. Try this one; travel and work! I think is the best way to know the real and profound face of a country. I went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I was working in the Leaf Pagoda Buddhist temple that maintains an orphanage and a small orchard. It were two unique weeks; I loved the place, its beauty, its tranquility, and above all, the proximity to the local people.”

Beata Bielowka (Polonia), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Volunteer Gentry in Ecuador Canoa

“I’ve seen three weeks of my seven month stay so far at the farm, and it has already exceded my expectations and more. The tranquility at the farm has allowed me to open my mind to new experiences, ideas and cultures, not to mention, my ‘español’ is coming right along!
I’ve gained so much knowledge here and feel very connected to the environment around me. Even though it’s been only a short while so far, I have no doubt that this has and will remain to be an experience I will never forget.”

Gentry (U.S.A.), Canoa, Ecuador
Volunteer Jacobo en Perú Cuzco

“This was my first experience as an international volunteer. The fact that the project is well organized and as an alternative education, it formed a lot of children through numerous values that we ​​often we forget these days (love, generosity , diversity …) . The experience of working with children is very rewarding and from the first moment you are treated with an impressive affection. Although the initial idea was to try to help in the project, I soon realized that these children who are in disadvantaged situations have given me many values ​​and have changed my perspective on life.”


Jacobo (España), Cusco, Peru

Volunteer Sarah in Ecuador Puerto Lopez

“When I decided to start volunteering, my goal was to do something good, to work somewhere, where it is appreciated that i help. That is what I love about being a volunteer at turtle preservation program in Puerto Lopez, you really feel that the work we do here is useful and that it might actually help to preserve turtles. And also you get really close to those animals, it is just wonderful to see them swimming around or helping the babys to find their way into the sea. It is just a beautiful experience.”

Sarah (Germany), Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Volunteer David in Vietnam Hanoi

“I feel fortunate enough to have spent a couple of months teaching English to kids in Hanoi for a month. Having a few months off between jobs allowed me to relax for a time but also I also wanted to help others and do something positive.

Intvs made it very easy, helping me organise every step of the process so that I could arrive with confidence that everything would be in order. Couldn’t recommend it more highly“.

David Pierre Eliet (UK), Hanoi, Vietnam
Volunteer Stephanie in Vietnam Hanoi

“I became a volunteer because I wanted to help but also learn about another culture and understand it better. In Vietnam what I found difficult was the sizable language barrier which at times posed a problem when I wanted to work, but fortunately we had the support of other volunteers.
Nevertheless, the most rewarding moments were the smile and the children’s delight when they see you.
My advice is to let yourself go, to open up to this new culture, to what the people that tell you, to go explore, ask questions and expect to be disoriented! Also to have a means to facilitate communication, such as a dictionary, makes it easier. And learn about the culture before leaving, to not misinterpret things.
In my volunteer experience I learned, despite the difficulties with the language, we can still be useful! Vietnam is also quite unsettling, but I loved it!! “

Stephanie, Hanoi, Vietnam
Volunteer Denise in Vietnam Hanoi

“I worked as a volunteer with mentally disabled children for 3 months at Morning Star Centre in Hanoi. During this time, I learnt a lot about a different, but also an amazing culture. I had some wonderful colleagues that helped me adapt, and they were so kind to invite me to join their annual holiday! This just shows how extremely nice Vietnamese people are!
Working with the children made me realize that I love working with and for people, and that aspect is something that has affected my work as a designer, where I strive to do projects that has a positive and meaningful effect in people’s life. Being a volunteer was the best adventure in my life, and something I can highly recommend.”

Denise Clemente, Hanoi, Vietnam
Volunteer Alix in HCMC Vietnam

“I’ve had the chance to live three months in Ho Chi Minh City, sharing unique moments with the children of the Pagoda orphanage. I spent the day at the orphanage, taking care of children and playing with them. We stayed in a house with other volunteers; a very friendly host venue. Members of the association and the volunteers were always available and willing to listen. You can also visit Ho Chi Minh and its surroundings during the weekend, which allows you to discover the country. I can’t find the right words to describe this extraordinary experience. I learnt a lot thanks to this volunteer placement, and I sincerely think this has changed my life. It’s an intense human adventure with regards to discovery, emotions and sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the Vietnamese culture, a culture so different from ours. In particular, the children’s laughter, the long silent exchanges with the monks and the happiness of simplicity are my fondest memories. I hope that with these few words I’ve given you the will to go there. You should live the experience in order to understand to which point it can impress you.”

Alix, HCMC, Vietnam
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Why did you decide to become a volunteer? I like to be useful and to help others. I wanted to live the experience of being a volunteer, too.

What did you find the most challenging? The communication with children and locals.

What did you find the most rewarding? Every single day when I arrive at school and all the children come to say me:  “hello, good morning…”  with a sincerely smile and the eyes full of hope.

What have you learnt from the experience? Taking profit of all the resources that you could have to do it the best you can. I also have learnt about the happiness and what could be mean.

What advice would you give to future volunteers? To be open-minded to enjoy the maximum this experience, that with no doubt is the best of my life. They have to be easy going and grateful with people and they have to come with a great capacity for adaptation. With these simply keys they will enjoy for sure the experience.

Anna Grau, Takeo province, Cambodia