In a nutshell

We are an international volunteer organization that has the following types of programs;

  • Teaching English and French.
  • Working in an orphanage.
  • Care for the mentally and / or physically disabled.
  • Animal Welfare.
  • Working for an NGO.

We have more than 30 programs in Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand) and South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile) and in 2016 we will open programs in  Argentina and Laos.

All our volunteer programs are of high quality, affordable, tested and approved by INTVS. We provide our volunteers with detailed program information and support in English, French and Spanish.


 The Team


Xavier Everaert

Founder / General Manager

Xavier was born in Antwerp, Belgium, but had an international upbringing, moving to Hong Kong at age 7, making English his first language. He had his high school years in Holland and his Uni years in Guildford, UK. He fell in love with the Spanish culture in his early twenties and has lived in Barcelona ever since, successfully completing an M.B.A and bachelor in International Humanitarian law there.

Xavier feels like a fish in the ocean when surrounded by people from all types of backgrounds. He loves diversity and learning from different cultures. Volunteering opened his eyes to a new type of cultural exchange, whereby the volunteer helps the local community, but the local community at the same time can be of great value to the volunteer; helping to open one’s mind to what really matters. This is the message he wants to get across to his volunteers, and is why he started INTVS.

Anna Rius; INTVS.ORG Digital Marketing Executive

Anna Rius Filguieras

Digital Marketing Executive

Anna was born in Barcelona, Spain, and from an early age, she had passion for traveling, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. After completing a Bachelor in Law and in Business Administration at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), Anna moved to San Francisco (United States) with her husband. She lived there for 5 years.

In the United States she completed a certificate in integrated marketing and worked as a marketing manager for several non-profits. She also had the opportunity to work as a volunteer at a School for low-income families. That gave her an interesting and unique life experience and helped her to find friends, reach out to the community and learn new skills.

Deeply interested in digital marketing, startups and volunteering she currently works for INTVS as a marketing manager. She is a true believer in the concept of “share, learn and grow” and the idea that volunteering is a win-win experience, for both, volunteers and the people they help.

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María Mercedes García

Digital Marketing Executive

Born in Colombia and raised in Venezuela, Maria has lived in the United States and has traveled to many foreign countries. She currently resides in Barcelona.

Maria has always had a deep interest for understanding society, its operating logic and above all its quest to find solutions to inequality and injustice. This motivated her to pursue Sociology at the Central University of Venezuela, developing her passion for modern social thought, and particularly for theories of social change. After a one-year spell in the United States, she moved to Barcelona, Spain to continue her studies in sociology and to broaden her professional experience and horizons.

Maria has a passion for cultural diversity and coexistence. She is also a social entrepreneur and believes that working together to improve society is essential for greater social justice and equity. Passionate about digital marketing, she currently works for INTVS and as a copywriter for charitable causes, seeing as words can also change the world.


Pablo Amadei

Business Executive

Pablo was born in Mendoza, Argentina and from an early age he had an interest for people and places. His passion for discovering new cultures was what made him travel 10,000 kilometers in search of new adventure, eager to learn from people with different backgrounds, be it cultural, linguistic or with regards to education.

He is an entrepreneur at heart, founding the popular Barcelona entrepreneur Facebook group, assisting hundreds of young entrepreneurs by means of networking events, presentations and more. He is, above all, passionate about creating positive change. He is a true believer in the concept of ´give, learn and grow´ and this is why he is part of a team that have the vision to make a long term, global, positive change. Since 2013, he has joined the team at and is a fundamental piece in its objective to change the way of volunteering.

He is now putting his business degree and work experience in the financial sector to work, as he crunches numbers for the organization, but at times also visits the programs where he likes to get involved in what he truly loves; giving, learning & growing as a person.


Daniel Rodriguez

Intern Marketing Executive

Daniel is a Spanish-French-Mexican who was born in Paris. Having lived in a number of countries (Mexico, France, Holland and Spain), he struggles when answering the question “where are you from?” and is not quite sure if this is a positive or negative aspect. With a recently completed Bachelor in international business he will follow his studies with a master in Entrepreneurship based knowledge in Sweden with the hope that one day he’ll have his own project.

Deeply interested in digital marketing, worldwide economies, startups and travelling, he is convinced that the solving of social issues is becoming a need for today’s society. He beleives that the answer lies with the companies; it is they that should create change. That is why he decided to work with; the company that helped him take his first step towards his professional objectives.

Being tri-lingual, he helps INTVS spread the word to English, French and Spanish speakers via social media, local events, meet-ups with Universities and other educational institutions, amongst others. His passion for travelling and getting to know foreign cultures has convinced him to personally go on some of the INTVS volunteer programs in order to have first-hand experience of what it means to share, learn and grow…

Itziar de Puerto

Designer & Web development

Itziar was born in San Sebastian, a small town in the Basque Country, and has travelled to many countries and cities over the years, but she decided upon Barcelona to start a new life. Her passion is to travel and learn about other cultures and ways of life. She loves learning from others and believes that each and every one of us can contribute something.

She works as a designer and web programmer and has done a fantastic job to make the INTVS website as user friendly as possible. While working on the website Itziar got increasingly more involved in INTVS’ daily operations, always providing valuable insight as to how the organization could provide the best possible volunteer experience before, during and after the volunteer’s trip. Thanks to her, we have a fantastic back office that allows us to keep track of the preparation and other needs of our volunteers. Although she is not a direct employee of INTVS (she works freelance), she is involved on a regular basis with much more than just web support and we could not leave her out of the “About us” section, as she is an extremely valuable member of the team!

The beginning…

xaviervolunteer After completing his MBA and a Master in International Humanitarian Law, and having saved enough money, Xavier established INTVS. His dream being to allow others to live the same experience that changed his perspective on life when, in 2008,he first worked as an international volunteer in Vietnam. As he explains, it was an experience that marked a ´before´ and ´after´ in his understanding of life and human relationships.


Today INTVS consists of a small, but tight-knit team with Pablo and Xavier at its governance; a team with an absolute commitment to international volunteering. This commitment has been extended to our partners, with whom we are in touch on a daily basis, aiming to provide the best possible volunteer experience. Our mission is to offer high quality international volunteer programs, designed to generate a positive impact on the local environment.

We don’t offer a luxury stay, but we do offer a real and highly rewarding experience from a personal and professional standpoint. We will only be content if each and every one of our volunteers is satisfied with the programs and information provided. Our commitment is based on full transparency and absolute clarity with regards to information about the region, culture, local partners and NGOs, work performed, schedules, accommodation and food, as well as providing ongoing assistance and support to our volunteers.

Our ambition is to constantly grow and improve all aspects of the volunteer experience for the volunteers themselves and the local community. To achieve this, we will continue to focus on just a few regions and closely monitor project developments, their impacts and results, supporting our partners in the evaluation of these results and regularly visiting the programs and volunteers, getting down and dirty, just as our volunteers do, on a regular basis.

We believe that, in order to provide a high quality volunteer experience, we must offer high quality social intervention projects. Therefore our work is not limited to sending volunteers; it also consists of a constant support of the projects, continually improving their quality and impact, working in a harmonious and balanced way with the true protagonists; the local officials, the local beneficiaries and the volunteers.