My experience teaching English in Thailand

Our two weeks of teaching English in Thailand were two weeks of experiences, emotions, friendship, familiarity … in an incredible environment. The INTVS English teaching program in Thailand takes place in Na Chueak, Thailand. The ‘camp’ […]

Ten myths about volunteering abroad

Are you thinking about volunteering abroad, but feel overwhelmed by all the different opinions online? In this article we’re debunking ten myths about volunteering abroad.

1. Volunteering abroad should be free
Volunteering abroad involves flying to another […]

Volunteering abroad in 2018 / 2019

Now that 2017 is coming to an end, I’m pleased to say that it’s been a year in which INTVS truly shared, learned and grew. Volunteers from across the globe travelled to any one of […]

My experience as a volunteer in Cambodia. English teaching with music program.

During the three weeks of my experience as a volunteer in Cambodia I lived in a different way to what I’m used to. The heat and the insects are some of the common themes of […]

Volunteer in Takeo, Cambodia. My first time volunteering abroad

For a long time, I wanted to volunteer somewhere in this beautiful world, but for different reasons I had never found the opportunity to do it. So, when I had to plan the summer of […]

The career benefits of volunteering

Volunteering can be a great way to boost or launch your career in any field. Volunteering can help you expand your personal and professional network and demonstrate and build skills that can help you land […]

The path from a passion to a volunteer service consultancy

After working in sales for about six years in Holland and Spain, I finally accepted reality that I was simply not a very good salesman. Anyone that has been in sales for even a short […]

International volunteering; Volunteer safety tips

When travelling abroad, considering safety should be at the top of anyone’s agenda. At INTVS we discuss safety measures with all potential volunteers in orientation sessions either face to face or via Skype. It is […]

Volunteering in Asia. Cultural Dos and Don’ts.

Are you going to Asia for an unforgettable volunteering experience? You made the right decision! Asia is a wonderful continent with endless places to discover. However, you should keep in mind that the culture shock […]

Volunteering abroad in 2017 / 2018

If you’re considering volunteering abroad in 2017 (or are already planning ahead for 2018), you might want to consider what type of volunteering you feel most comfortable with. At INTVS we put a lot of […]

Experience volunteering abroad or at home?

Why should I fly halfway across the world to volunteer when there are so many problems in my own community? This is a question some people may ask themselves when deciding between an experience volunteering abroad […]

Volunteer teachers: Teaching English with music

What would this world be without music? Music is omnipresent; it’s everywhere! When you buy your cereal in the supermarket there’s very likely some well thought of music collection to enhance the shopping experience. And […]

Volunteer in Trujillo, Peru

The city
Trujillo is the 3rd most important city of Peru. It is called « la ciudad de la eterna primavera » (the city of eternal spring), for its mild climate throughout the year.
There are two important pre-Incan […]

My experience; volunteering with turtles in Puerto Lopez

When I arrived to the volunteer house in Puerto Lopez, to begin volunteering with turtles, I knew I embarked on a new adventure, but did not know the incredible experience that would begin the moment […]

The setting up of overseas volunteer programs

Oftentimes people ask me how our local partners are organized, or how exactly they go about setting up overseas volunteer programs. As it differs amongst the countries we work with, I decided it would be […]

My volunteer program in Ecuador (Puerto Lopez)

Presentation of the city
Puerto Lopez is a quiet seaside town in with 11,000 residents. Though it’s small, one can do plenty of things in the town. Some of them I thought I’d mention below:

Football on […]

Try something different and take a volunteer gap year!!

How often haven’t you heard of someone taking a gap year? For any number of reasons people of all ages might decide to take a year out to get away from it all, discover new […]

How does INTVS start its international volunteer programs?

For those of you that are curious about how INTVS sets up its international volunteer programs, here a short explanation of the process.

Find a partner

INTVS works with local partners across numerous countries in South East […]

Volunteer in Nepal with INTVS! (Starting 2017)

The second destination where INTVS will implement its programs next year (2017) is Nepal. This relatively small country has some of the most spiritual and respectful people in the world.
Nepal has a lot of particularities […]

Volunteer in the Philippines with INTVS.ORG!

INTVS is happy to announce that there will be two destinations that will be added to the INTVS map. Starting 2017 you can apply via INTVS.ORG to volunteer in the Philippines and Nepal!

Let’s have a […]

What to bring on a volunteer trip (for the home office / backpacker)

When embarking upon an international volunteer trip, I always try to make the best use of the little space I have in my Quechua bag and mini suitcase. If I were a true backpacker I […]

11 inspirational photos to check out before volunteering abroad

When travelling to another country, we often think of unique places that will remain etched in our memory. These 11 inspirational photos to check out before volunteering abroad will surely motivate you to travel with the […]

Tips for volunteering abroad as a travelling couple

Travelling abroad with a partner can be an amazing experience…or an absolute nightmare. Consider that, when back home, in his comfort zone, maybe once or twice a week John has a poker night with the […]

The volunteer experience – Being outside of your comfort zone; problem or challenge?

At INTVS we have sent volunteers across the globe, in search of a different way of getting to know a culture and country, and in which the person can at the same time give something […]

Tips for international volunteer work in an orphanage.

If you’re considering doing international volunteer work in an orphanage, I advise you to first read this article in order to evaluate the challenges you may face. International volunteering in an orphanage is the goal […]

The best place to learn about organic farming and permaculture

If you want to learn about organic farming and permaculture during your volunteer placement, we invite you to try the ideal program, located just 20 kilometers inland from the town of Canoa on the coast […]

Our most popular volunteer projects in Asia

Having sent numerous volunteers to Asia, many of them have given us firsthand testimonials of their volunteer experiences  in Asia and we wanted to share some of these experiences with you. Who knows? Perhaps it […]

How it all began; your new English teaching program in Cambodia, Takeo

Having done some background reading on Cambodia’s past and present situation, I was glad to see it was a country that has slowly but surely dragged itself out of the very dark hole the Khmer […]

Volunteering Overseas: The 4 key elements

When volunteering overseas, there are four key elements to be considered;

Your preparation
The local support
The required skills

These four key elements coincide with (element 1) the sending organization (us), (element 2) the local NGO and (element 3) […]

Volunteer Abroad in 2016

If you’re considering to volunteer abroad in 2016 we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a number of projects that you will surely love and may very possibly make you change your […]

The dark sides of International Volunteering

Someone once told me that, in order to do something good, you should above all study what’s done wrong. It’s always nice to paint everything beautifully, and let’s face it…any organization that has a service […]

Budgeting tips for your volunteer experience

Being quite an experienced traveller with diminished economies, I always looked for ways to make my trips last for as long as possible on a shoe-string budget. I would often combine travel with my volunteer […]

What can we do for animal conservation?

We all have a great responsibility regarding animal conservation, as it is we who are responsible for the gradual mistreatment and disappearance of various animal species. Behind this drama, there is a model of economic […]

How volunteer projects can change your life

An experience as complete and as challenging as a volunteer project can only encourage changes in your way of thinking about reality and bring about a great shift on a personal level,  marking a before […]

5 reasons to travel to Cambodia as a volunteer

If you are looking for a unique experience, not only to enjoy and unwind, but also to exit your comfort zone and to contribute to something special, I recommend to travel to Cambodia as an international […]

Our international volunteer programs in Bolivia

What to say about Bolivia? In reality…what is there NOT to say about our volunteer programs in Bolivia? Apart from having some of the most breathtaking nature sights in the world, within its reasonably small […]

Why pay for volunteering?

You probably asked yourself on occasion Why pay for volunteering? After all…you’re offering your services free of charge… and on top of that you have to pay? How ridiculous is that?? The question one should […]

International volunteering with victims of sexual abuse

There are international volunteer projects that can fill a person with courage and optimism. Though such programs often come hand in hand with some very tough situations, you take the best and most positive aspects […]

International volunteering and social change

International volunteering is a powerful tool for social change. It acts as a platform for an interchange of valuable human resources on an international level, so as to facilitate support for social intervention programs in […]

Teaching English in Chile – Why Taltal ?

We have the pleasure to have our Teaching English in Chile program in Taltal. It is small city with regards to square kilometers but giant when measured in hospitality of its inhabitants. The city has […]

Why work as an international volunteer?

As a college student or professional maybe you’ve asked yourself why work as an international volunteer work and you might have wondered how it can benefit you and how you can go about doing it? Many […]

Turtle conservation program in Ecuador

When leaving the turtle conservation program at Puerto Lopez, Ecuador, I was filled with a feeling of deep sadness, but at the same time, incredible excitement! Deep sadness as I had rarely had so much […]

Our nature reserve program in Ecuador

What to say about my experience at our international volunteer program at the nature reserve by Las Tolas in Ecuador? First of all, it opened up my eyes with regards to how much a person […]

Our Trujillo Social Program in Peru

For all people that consider going to our Trujillo social program , I would like you all to read this first.
You know…I’m really proud of the programs we have…I have been on each and every […]

Our alternative education program in Cusco

When you arrive to Cusco the first thing you notice when disembarking the plane, is the gorgeous mountainous landscape. The second thing you notice is that, once you’ve picked up your suitcase and walked another […]

Fun ways to prepare for a travel adventure

You know…whenever you go somewhere looking for a travel adventure people always tell you what you definitely MUST see in the region, what you should read up on, and what you should learn. Generally I listen with […]

My animal welfare experience

Our animal welfare program in Thailand is one of our ‘tougher’ programs and requires an absolute dedication to the animals, but we believe that the effort you put into the animal welfare program will give you […]

What can make a good volunteer experience?

Choose well
Depending on what it is you wish to achieve in your volunteer experience, it is absolutely key that you choose your program carefully. Volunteers have different objectives when doing volunteer work abroad; some simply […]

So what inspired me to share, learn & grow?

I could say all types of nice things, assuring that my intentions are for charity, helping the less fortunate, making the world a better place etc. These points are fantastic, and it makes me dead […]