FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from providing some of the most affordable, quality volunteer programs available, INTVS visits all of its programs on a regular basis, providing the local organization with constant feedback. The objective being to provide our volunteers with an experience that covers those aspects that make the volunteer experience as fulfilling as possible;

– Maximizing the volunteer’s participation

– Allowing the volunteer to make optimal use of his/her competencies

– Assuring the volunteers can also have their fair share of FUN (we aim for a healthy ratio of efficient help: spirited play)

– Assuring safety, accommodation and food hygiene standards are met.

In summary: Assuring the volunteer to have had the most fulfilling experience both for him/her self and those that he/she volunteered with. We are also one of the few international organizations that offers its services in English, French and Spanish.

INTVS is a registered Spanish organization and our incorporation number is B66423971. We have recently started our INTVS Facebook Group where you can contact past volunteers that have experienced their volunteer placement via INTVS. If you wish to contact us, you can email or call or come by personally: (C / Aribau 66, 3º 1ª, 08011 Barcelona, [email protected], +34 518 808 201)
Why should you pay when you’re offering your skills? Staying with either a host family or local NGO the fees cover food, accomodation, orientation, airport pickup and salaries of staff that are there for you to help you along the way. The partner organizations are nearly entirely funded by the volunteer fees. At INTVS we try to keep the rates as low as possible and we pride ourselves at being one of the most affordable organizations there is.
As of the moment you submit your application you must be 18 years old or above. There is no maximum age.
Each and every one of our programs is personally tested by a member of INTVS. We go through an extensive checklist and only choose those organizations that meet our strict criteria. We join the program, try the food, and sleep at the organization with the other volunteers or in a home stay (naturally we try out both should the two options be offered). We use the public transport, visit the nearby cities or towns, evaluate the local staff and talk to as many former volunteers as possible. We don´t expect a luxury stay, but will only start programs with local NGO´s that assure all safety measures are met.
Upon signing up for a program, an INTVS staff member will be allocated to assist you throughout your stay. He or she will send you an information package with information ranging from health and safety to VISA issues and more. Furthermore, you will have a meeting with your INTVS mentor prior to departure where safety, program immersion and further details are discussed. These meetings generally occur via Skype or telephone, but if you are in Barcelona, they can occur in person.
Our programs are continually being monitored. INTVS staff are in touch with local NGO staff on a regular basis and re-visit the various programs regularly. We also ask continuous feedback from our volunteers in order to constantly get a clear picture of all aspects of the volunteer experience. Should we feel a program no longer meets the criteria of INTVS, we will discontinue the relationship with the local NGO and no longer offer the program.
Throughout your stay, should you have any issues, either a local NGO or INTVS staff will be available to assist you at any time.
For all our programs it is obligatory to have medical insurance through out your stay. This must include emergency evacuation.
Yes, apart from extremely exceptional situations, you will always be in the company of at least a handful of other international volunteers that you will see on a daily basis either at the program you are working on, or where you will be living.