At INTVS we have a number of animal welfare programs, some of which may overlap with “conservation” programs as some conservation programs refer to the conservation of a species.

One of the main objectives of both types of programs is precisely the same: to assure short and long term welfare of animals.

At INTVS our animal welfare programs include programs with dogs and cats, as well as a turtle preservation program.

They are extremely popular programs amongst our international volunteers, above all due to the love and dedication they have for animals.

A general fondness of animals is required, as well as the knowledge that, often times, schedules are imposed more by the animals than by the staff.

Volunteers on these programs may need specific skill sets according to the tasks they will do (operating on dogs and cats obviously requires a veterinary degree, whereas walking and cleaning the animals simply requires a set of stable legs).


    • Ecuador – Turtles Conservation Program in Puerto Lopez
    • Vietnam – Animal Welfare program in Ho Chi Minh city