Volunteers working on one of INTVS’ childcare programs provide support and care for children that may find themselves in one of a number of difficult situations.

Some of the programs deal with orphaned children, others deal with children whose parents are incarcerated, but in general, the child care programs provide support to children that live in difficult circumstances. Volunteers often support local workers specialized in child care and help stimulate the children’s development through specially designed activities.

Volunteers also provide support in carrying out daily activities such as brushing teeth and grooming, especially for the little ones.

On some of the programs children have domestic problems, or may be at risk of dropping out of primary or secondary school. On other programs, volunteers provide assistance to children who are hospitalized and whose parents or relatives cannot visit them.

Finally there are the orphanage programs, where the children either don’t have any parents, or do have parents who either abandoned them, or simply do not have the resources to take care of the child.

On these programs, it is key that the volunteer knows how to deal with children and is fond of children.

Depending on the children’s’ background they may be very difficult to handle and so, on specific programs a teaching, psychology, sociology or other related type of background may be required.

Patience is an absolute must.


    • Vietnam – Working at an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City