Our conservation programs have quite diverse characteristics and may overlap with our animal welfare programs. These are programs that base their philosophy and action on sustainable development, demonstrating that nature is essential for the preservation of our habitat.

On some of the programs you can learn about different methods of sustainable living.

Programs include projects in which the objective is conservation and protection of endangered species (such as our turtle preservation program), as well as projects that promote organic agriculture and permaculture, as well as sustainable living.

Some of the programs are located in nature reserves and activities can include maintenance of ecological gardens, sustainable energy production, seed planting, cleaning and feeding of farm animals, among others.

The programs of organic agriculture and permaculture have an important training aspect, which makes them ideal for internships and for people who want to apply this model of sustainable living in urban or rural areas.

Love of nature and awareness of the importance of environmental protection are key.

They are also great programs for students wishing to do internships (students that have a background in marine biology, agronomy or veterinary studies for example, could get a world of knowledge from the program that best fits his or her background).

The necessary skill set varies according to the program, but overall, the programs require initiative, the ability to learn fast and a passion for animals and/or nature.


    • Ecuador – Turtles Conservation Program in Puerto Lopez
    • Ecuador – Nature Reserve Program in Las Tolas
    • Ecuador – Organic Farm program in Canoa
    • Vietnam – Environmental Program in Ho Chi Minh City