At INTVS we have several programs focused on the education of children and adolescents. These consist of language teaching and tutoring activities, as well as the realization of extracurricular activities.

The objective of these programs is to help improve the children’s knowledge of a specific subject or language. Another objective is to help decrease abandonment and drop out levels of students.

INTVS’ efforts to reach these objectives are aligned with the global education objectives, which dictate that education should be a fundamental right of all children, as it is the stepping stone towards economic and social development.

Some examples of INTVS education programs are English and French teaching. In a number of countries, the local language teachers may not have a very high level of the language, whereby the students are limited to learning the basics.

Above all, volunteers also are of great assistance with regards to pronunciation. Generally volunteers will assist a local teacher, but in specific cases the volunteer might face the class alone.

Other types of programs focus on a more generalized form of education, in which volunteers can help with a variety of tasks, such as mathematics, amongst others.

For language teaching programs, volunteers should have a high level of the language he or she will teach. It is not necessary for the volunteer to be a native speaker, though this is preferred in specific cases.

Time management, initiative and proactivity are fundamental for all the teaching programs.


    • Cambodia – English teaching in Phnom Penh
    • Cambodia – English teaching in Takeo Province
    • Peru – Teaching program in Trujillo
    • Vietnam – Teaching English or French in Hanoi
    • Vietnam – Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City
    • Thailand – Teaching English in Na Chueak
    • Laos – Teaching English in Vang Vieng
    • The Philippines – Teaching, day-care, marine sanctuary i.a on Gilutongan island