Our medical programs offer a large perspective of options to international volunteers that are working in the medical sector. A lot of the work depends on the volunteer’s qualifications, but all have a 5 day week and a schedule of approximately 30 hours.

Volunteers are placed in the hands of a local doctor and/or nurse who will guide them through different tasks and activities at the placement. 

Depending on their skill set and qualifications, international volunteers can be involved in any of a variety of medical departments. Volunteers (or interns) will not be expected or allowed to partake in serious procedures, but, depending on their level of experience, may observe operations, provide assistance in basic procedures and visit patients.

While participants are always encouraged by local staff to see and learn as much as possible, the local staff are also very interested in gaining a better understanding of medical work in your country and in particular, learn about the similarities and differences.

This is an interesting type of specialized cultural exchange, where both participants and local staff can learn a lot from each other and develop themselves through greater knowledge and understanding.

Applications to medical programs should be made at least two months prior to arrival, as there is a fair amount of paper work involved.

Volunteers must send proof of their medical background and experience and must take into account a lengthier process regarding placement procedures. Some hospitals may take up to three weeks to reply to specific applications.


    • Vietnam – Medical Program in Ho Chi Minh City