INTVS has a number of social work programs in which volunteers help and support children and adolescents, and at times also adults dealing with a variety of social issues.

The objective of these programs is to provide tools for solving these issues by means of education, tutoring and/or performing recreational or therapeutic activities, in order to help them regain self-esteem and discover their potential.

Amongst the programs are those in which volunteers work with victims of sexual abuse, vulnerable and abandoned children, street children, and more.

In order to have an impact, the majority of these programs require a commitment of at least one month, though we also have social work programs starting at two weeks. Sensitivity toward children and adolescents is a must, as well as good communication and teaching skills.

In many cases, volunteers will work with children or teenagers that are dealing with, or have dealt with very difficult situations that require special sensitivity on the part of volunteers.


    • Vietnam – Working at an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City
    • Peru – Teaching program in Trujillo Peru