Our ‘Special Needs’ programs are for volunteers that, broadly speaking, want to provide care to mentally or physically disadvantaged children and adults. Ailments include (amongst others) cerebral palsy, polio, development delay, Down’s syndrome, and blindness and/or deafness.

The special needs programs we have in Vietnam often are for those affected by the side effects of agent orange; a chemical agent that the U.S army used throughout the U.S-Vietnamese war. Some of the side effects caused mental and / or physical disabilities amongst offspring, and could be passed down three generations.

Volunteer tasks include assisting with basic rehabilitation exercises and therapy treatment, but also more practical activities such as preparing the room for lunch or naptime, cleaning, as well as playing and educating with games, music and arts.

The activities of volunteers may vary according to their skill set, but in all cases, volunteers will work closely with local staff. Those volunteers that have a background in special needs care are also encouraged to share their experience with the local staff.

International volunteers should like to work with children, show maturity and an initiative but should also be patient, open-minded and creative.

Volunteers with a background or experience in medical work or disabilities will be able to work more closely with nurses on basic physiotherapy.


    • Vietnam – Working with Children with disabilities in Hanoi
    • Vietnam – Working with Children with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City